Thursday, November 17, 2011

Of Respect and Scare

"Respect" and "Scare" are two different random things that i should be care about. it distracting and kinda ruin my life thought. Frankly speaking i don't really like to blabing over things which personal, and which can make this blog as the so-called online diary where people can follow or judge my fucking life. okay then i'll make as general as i can. So, this is the situation. 'A' is an obey, kind, helpful daughter of 'B'. i mean A is hell obedient to father B as she got no argue of B's word ! yeah she never!  'B' is fucking perfectionist, tempered, horror as he can transform to ugly freaking black monster who can turn the world upside down. (i think overly describe him. Sorry B) As a daughter, A suppose to have feeling named 'respect' to his father B. But the only shit in her mind was SHE 'SCARED' OF B where and whenever. When A grows older, A become rebellious as what teenagers always did. Without no one know, A started smoking, drinking, and even used fake ID to enter a night club at 16 y.o. *screwed*. None of her families know her wild world as she at home was like holy angel nice kid!

As the time pass by, B turns old, problem everywhere, and tempered hell over the top! everytime B return home, all will freak-out! scared! wonder what the hell is his mood today? and that was seriously sick! A oftenly watching her parents fighting over damn small things. B keep throwing crap everywhere. A's mom would never can shut the fuck up! All burst into tears, sick of B's deed! every moment is adrenaline pumping. 'A' who used to scare all the time for B suddenly gain braveness. This is epic!  Basically, scare people who suddenly turns brave will fight back right? and this is what happen to A. She do fight, increase the voice, and even throw some harsh word ! That was obviously over the limit as daughter. Every single of shit inside her heart burst off in one fuckin day. EPIC kan?? So, this is what had happened to a girl, or precisely teenagers when they had a scare feeling instead of respect to their family members. setuju?

Now, the question is who should be blame?? THE FREAKING DEPRESSED GIRL (A) or THE SO-CALLED FATHER WHO USED TO HAVE MAJOR HOT-TEMPER, NO HEART-FEELING, OVERLY STRICT (B) ??? cast your vote for justice :) I accept some arguement, just leave your thought in comment box. And terima kasih kerana membaca~~


Sarah said...

hey ! hello there :)

like , whosoever or whatsoever this A is having , I've been through the same too ( except than smoking and drinking , but i changed to sleeping and eating instead , haha =.= )

well, it really is a pain in the ass kan ? hurt so much , hurt worst than any other thing that can hurt a human . and the time A and B fought , every single word throw bleed the heart like hell .

as an holy angel , ehemm , haha , i would have casted a vote on A's fault , because whatever happens A still a child , as in the daughter for B . she still have her duties as a daughter , to obey her dad no matter how sickening that dad is. yelah , as a muslim kan .

remember the story when Prophet Musa (if i'm not mistaken ) asked Allah , who would be his neighbour in Jannah . And Allah showed him a man who was bathing two pigs . and turn out that those two pig were the man's parents . and he still cared because of his obligation as a son :D

but if i am the devil !!! mehehe ~

of course i would say it's the father's fault ! he didnt appreciate us ! his family ! dah tu bakpe senang senang je buat anak tapi tak reti nak jaga ! nak kasi kasih sayang ! dem . kau ingat anak kau tu melawan sebab apa ? dia kurang ajar sangat ?! yela ! dia tengok dan belajar dari mak bapak dia sendiri ! cuba kalau kau sebagai orang tua lebih bersabar dalam mendidik , mentarbiyah . ni tak , kau buat perangai celaka , kau harap anak kau tak puaka ? puii puihh . jangan salahkan anak sebab perangai camni , it had been your fault at the first place , you !

tau tak betapa sakitnya hati ni bila terpaksa melawan orang yang kita sayang ? kalau setakat pakwe makwe putus lagi , tapi ni keluarga . nak campak mana ? nak tak nak terpaksa bound jugak . pusing mana situ jugak . mati nanti jenazah tu keluarga jugak yang paling kita tak malu mintak tolong kapan sembahyangkan .

"please la" kata si A " kita sama sama ubah ."

tapi nanti keadaan akan menjadi lebih awkward selepas letusan gunung merapi .

*oke panjang membebel . selamat petang ! kalau boleh mohon share juga :)

LaDy.EchOt said...

dear Sarah, thanks for the opinion. i really appreciate it ! best je bace komen awak :) terbaikk!!

syaffh said...

The father should showed good deeds to make the child be a good person. Sometimes people do reach their limit and thats what happened to this A kid .Well thats just my opinion , [Y] :)

meorafiqmeorshaharuddin said...

like obviously its B fault. literally i'd point to A, as she's the daugter n whasoever!!!! but seriously, prnt r there to guide not to dictate!!!! i dont get any what/ why the father should act that way?!?!?! btw, ur post r true!!!love it chot!!!.....sincerly, sones/cassie........haha n dont forget to vote soshi n dbsk in MAMA!!!! vote now

LaDy.EchOt said...

thanks syaffh :)
afiq : sempat lagi kau pomot snsd kat sini ehh~~

safuraasali said...

Har har. A is more likely me huh?
I don't wanna be rude , but we all know that sometimes when our parents become a lil bit annoying and we feel like wanna rebel. Am I aite? :D

A good parents should know the best way to treat their child not by scared them but by being so friendly towards them. Yeah , treat us as your friend lah daddy and mummy .

There're some point when we just wanna defend our self from the bad things that our parents say about us and obviously we have to increase the voice . But doesn't mean we really wanna be rude. Buy they screwed up everything buy misunderstanding what the shit that we wanna say :D . Haha! That is sooo me :D .

But entahlah, kita kalau melawan berdosa . Kalau tak nak tegakkan keadilan lain pulak jadi. :D

Both of them A and B should be blame kot. Kot laa. Heee. Btw , sorry for my terrible English. Haha :p

LaDy.EchOt said...

yup !! exactly kak safuraa :))
thanks for the comment ~